A business site for car rental

AD Rents Motors needed a site to highlight their car catalog and offer online reservations.
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“We sincerely thank Sandro and Sacha for the creation of our website. In addition to being professional, attentive and competent, they fully understood our needs from the first discovery of our project. Their passion for this profession is unquestionable. I definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to have an attractive and professional website.”

Manager @Ad Rents Motors


Ad Rents Motor was founded by 2 young people passionate about entrepreneurship, the service was designed from the start to meet local needs. The idea is to stand out from their competitors, in particular by offering vehicle delivery and recovery.


Ad Rents rents were not listed online at all when they used our services. Knowing the challenges of digital technology, it was more than necessary for them to have a website that would allow them to generate new sales. For their part, as their catalog varies daily, it was essential for them to have control over it to add, delete or even modify a vehicle.

That's why we built a tailor-made site for them including:

  • Customized branding (Logo + Graphic Charter)
  • A tailor-made design
  • A flexible and easily editable catalog (CMS)
  • Automation with Zapier to automatically enrich their CRM and notify their prospects by email when submitting a form

Tailor-made branding

Graphic charter - Ad Rents Motors

A tailor-made design

Hero - Ad Rents Motors

A flexible catalog

Marketing automation

We have implemented automations to facilitate the processes of Ad Rents Motors teams. They meet these needs:

  • Automatic transfer of the lead into their CRM when submitting the contact form
  • Creation of an alert in Slack with all the contact details so that their sales staff can be more responsive
  • Sending an automatic email to prospects who have requested a quote to thank them and tell them that an advisor will get back to them as soon as possible

Particular attention to responsive

Mobile Mockup - Ad Rents Motors


What’s a Rich Text element?

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Static and dynamic content editing

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How to customize formatting for each rich text

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