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Ideal blog design? The mix between UX and SEO to generate traffic

A well-managed blog can be a valuable asset to your business and can help you reach your marketing goals faster than you think. In this article, I will show you how to design an optimized blog and increase your traffic by improving your SEO.

Let's Talk About SXO to Start

As you know, SEO goes hand in hand with the experience you offer on your site. This is why the UX of your blog is super important, in fact the marriage between SEO and UX is defined by SXO

It is therefore super important to think about the user experience when designing your blog.

To find out more about SXO, check out our full article explaining The benefits and advantages of SXO.

The important elements to find in your blog

Optimisation Design Blog

1. Categorized content

Contenu Catégorisé Blog

Categorizing your blog content can be beneficial for SEO and user experience.

By creating a clear structure for your website and providing easy navigation for visitors, you can improve your site's ranking in search results and provide a more enjoyable user experience for your visitors.

2. A summary

Sommaire Blog

From an SEO perspective, a summary can help search engines understand the structure of your content and rank it more easily.

From a user experience perspective, a summary can make your blog easier for visitors to navigate. If you have long, detailed content, a summary can help readers quickly find the information they're looking for.

3. Social share

Social Share Blog

Including sharing links on your blog can be an effective way to increase the reach of your content and bring more visitors to your site.

4. Meshing

Maillage Blog

By including links to articles in similar categories on your blog, you can create a solid internal network that allows search engines to better understand the structure of your website.

This can help search engines index your site more effectively and improve your ranking in search results.

Also, feel free to add a section with blog posts about other categories.

5. Fixed CTA

CTA Sticky Blog

By including a fixed and visible CTA on your blog page, you encourage visitors to engage more with your business. This can be a form for generating leads, generating quotes or even registering for your newsletter.

It all depends on your strategy and conversion goal.

6. Banners and Custom Elements in Rich Text

Rich Text Blog Power up

It is recommended to add elements such as tables, links to other articles, infographics, value proposition banners, or lead gen banners for several reasons:

First, it allows you to highlight your service and your strengths.

Second, it optimizes the reading experience by supporting your text with something much more visual. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

7. Progress Bar

Progress Bar Blog

Visitors may feel frustrated or discouraged if they don't know how much time they have left to complete an article or guide.

A progress bar can help visitors get a clear idea of how they are progressing through the content.

They may then be more likely to stay on your site to finish reading. This can increase the time spent on your site, which can improve your SEO.

8. Bonus: Highlight the 3, 4 most important items

Header Blog

Putting the 3 or 4 blog posts you want to better reference can be a good SEO practice to improve internal networking, visit time and the visibility of your content.


In conclusion, it is essential to understand that the design of your blog can have a significant impact on your SEO.

By using the items listed earlier, you can not only attract more traffic to your blog but also provide a pleasant and engaging user experience for visitors.

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Ideal blog design? The mix between UX and SEO to generate traffic
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