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3 new features in the Webflow CMS

Webflow a récemment introduit trois nouvelles fonctionnalités pour faciliter la gestion des collections CMS. Ces fonctionnalités sont un réel gain de temps et permettent d'affiner votre référencement. Découvrez-les ci-dessous

1. Embed collection pages in folders

Imbriquer des pages de collections Webflow

Prior to this update, all pages in your collection were one level below your root domain.

Ex: /guides/the-mini-excavator guide

We can now define a parent folder in the settings to share these pages on a URL one floor below.

Ex: guides/mini-shovel/the-mini-excavator guide

This new level of control is particularly useful for refining your SEO.

2. Disable the publication of “Collection” pages

Désactiver la publication des pages Collection

For each collection created, Webflow generates a corresponding template page and these pages are indexed as soon as a modification is made.

Annoying because we often use collections for our filter systems and again to categorize our content.

But those days are over because we can deactivate the publication of these pages using a simple switch button.

3.Duplicate a CMS collection in 1 click

Dupliquer une collection CMS en 1 clic

Finally, it is now possible to duplicate an already existing CMS collection structure, instead of recreating them individually.

Simply access the settings of the collection you want to duplicate and click on the “Duplicate Collection” button at the top.

A hell of a time saver.

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3 new features in the Webflow CMS
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